About Stellar Highly Interactive Virtual Environments for Conferences and Events

The world has changed forever. Most in-person activities are now conducted online, and people have quickly realized how effective virtual platforms can be.

Upon resumption of normal in-person activities, virtual activities will continue as it allows people to easily connect. Virtual platforms allow organizers to invite people from all over the world without the constraints of Brick-and-Mortar buildings.

The New World will, in effect, become a seamless and bi-directional flow between the online world and the in-person world. In other words, the world will become HYBRID.


The Hybrid world will unleash a set of new standards

People will want to transition between the two worlds with ease. Time spent online must feel like an in-person event. Consequently, the virtual experience must create a full visual assault and 360-degree engagement that blends audio and visual features that bend the imagination of the user where the user is so awash in active visual and audio stimulation that they are immersed in the visual experience. Stellar is that virtual and hybrid solution.

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